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Early Edition!

One of my all time fave TV shows, is the excellent Early Edition, starring Kyle Chandler as Gary Hobson, a man who mysteriously gets tomorrows newspaper today. Aided by this 2 best buds, Marissa (Shanesia Davis) and Chuck (Fisher Stevens) he uses the paper to try an stop all the terrible accidents happen. If you haven't watched it yet, WATCH IT NOW!!

And wouldn't you know it - just as myself and my bud Luddie where just getting majorly into the wonderful show, Channel 9 (the station here in Australia that shows EE) has taken it off the air! For those who know...we haven only seen up to the episode "The Jury". Can you believe it?!? I have written to Ch. 9 but no luck. I still haven't got an answer. Please, all Aussies out there - write to Ch. 9 (in your capital city) and request it back! Thanks!

Take a gander at the cast!
Kyle Chandler
Shanesia Davis
Fisher Stevens

Updated Soon! I promise!

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